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Why choose GREENWOOD

Forming workshop

Nearly 30 molding machines and experienced workers ensure the efficiency and quality of product production.

Log workshop

Factory processing from raw wood to finished products, all in own workshop, quality control stable and cost effective.


Greenwood has passed a series of quality inspections and certifications, including: BRC, SGS, BSCI, FSC, etc.

Automatic production

Even with a large number of experienced workers, Greenwood continues to add automation equipment.

Greenwood constantly invest part of our profit earned to our production line and machine, to improve the efficiency and quality stability.

Greenwood's display of disposable wooden tableware

Greenwood's wooden disposable tableware is the best alternative to plastic disposable tableware. It is environmentally friendly, compostable, biodegradable and pollution-free.

  • COVID-19 does not affect Greenwood production
    With the outbreak of COVID-19 again, many production plants were unable to continue production, but Greenwood, thanks to the efforts of all employees, continued to work overtime.
  • Notice of Greenwood's participation in the 127th Canton Fair
    The 127th session of Canton Fair already held from Oct. 15th to 24th online, until 24th. Greenwood will provide around-the-clock online services for product promotion, matchmaking and business negotiations.
  • Greenwood's holiday notice
    GreenWood will be closed Thursday, Sep , 2020th in observance of the National day and will resume normal operations on Friday, Oct 9th, 2020. Please contact if you have any requirement.
  • Back to the future: Wooden cutlery is viable substitute for plastic utensils
    Greenwood is a leading manufacturer of dispostable wooden cutlery since 2000 year,and FSC,BRC,BSCI,SGS certificates available,different sharp and size can choose,so if you interested in wooden cutlery,maybe Greenwood is the best choice for you!