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Why choose GREENWOOD

Forming workshop

Nearly 60 molding machines and experienced workers ensure the efficiency and quality of product production.

Log workshop

Factory processing from raw wood to finished products, all in own workshop, quality control stable and cost effective.


Greenwood has passed a series of quality inspections and certifications, including: BRC, SGS, BSCI, FSC, etc.

Automatic production

Even with a large number of experienced workers, Greenwood continues to add automation equipment.

Greenwood constantly invest part of our profit earned to our production line and machine, to improve the efficiency and quality stability.

Greenwood's display of disposable wooden tableware

Greenwood's wooden disposable tableware is the best alternative to plastic disposable tableware. It is environmentally friendly, compostable, biodegradable and pollution-free.

  • Advantages Of Disposable Wooden Cutlery
    The biggest advantage of using wooden cutlery is that it is 100% compostable. You can use disposable wooden cutlery as a compostable resource and help the environment.
  • Holiday Announcement of 2021 Spring Festival
    Spring Festival:Feb.11th-Feb.17th 2021 Resume normal work from Feb.18th 2021
  • Wooden cutlery is a better alternative to plastic cutlery
    There is more to going ‘Green’ than opting for green lunches. It’s more than just munching on a healthy salad. You might also want to consider the cutlery you use.Are you using real eco-friendly cutlery or the usual plastic ones that go straight to the bin after just one use?
  • COVID-19 does not affect Greenwood production
    With the outbreak of COVID-19 again, many production plants were unable to continue production, but Greenwood, thanks to the efforts of all employees, continued to work overtime.