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The Dangers of Plastics

These numbers illustrate the severe threat of plastic pollution to the environment, especially the risks faced by marine ecosystems. Solving these issues requires global efforts, including reducing the use of plastics, strengthening waste management and recycling efforts, and developing eco-friendly materials.

300million tons

Cumulative amount of plastic waste in 2040

1.2million tons

New plastic produced globally every year

12million tons

Plastic waste flows into the ocean every year

100,000million tons

Marine mammals die from plastic pollution


Plastics are recycled around the world


Proportion of single-use plastics in plastic waste

Advantages of Biodegradable Tableware

The following points demonstrate the significant role of biodegradable tableware in reducing environmental burden and promoting sustainable development.

Reducing plastic waste

Plastic waste cannot decompose and accumulates in the environment for hundreds of years. In contrast, biodegradable tableware can decompose into tiny molecules that already exist in nature under certain conditions, thus reducing long-term waste accumulation and the occupation of land resources.

Lowering pollution

During the decomposition process, biodegradable tableware does not release harmful chemicals, thereby reducing pollution to soil and water sources.

Saving resources

Many biodegradable tableware items are made from renewable resources, such as fast-growing birch wood and bamboo.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Since biodegradable tableware is mostly made from plant-based materials plants absorb carbon dioxide photosynthesis during their growth period. This carbon is then released when the tableware decomposes, creating a shorter carbon cycle. Compared to the long-term carbon emissions of plastic tableware, its impact on global warming is relatively smaller.

Enhancing social responsibility and environmental standards

Businesses using biodegradable tableware are not only fulfilling social responsibilities but also raising their own environmental, which greatly benefits the overall societal advancement of environmental protection standards.

Greenwood's Persistence

Greenwood's engagement with FSC certification is more than just participation; it signifies a commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. The importance of FSC certification for global environmental protection cannot be underestimated—it represents a firm stance against deforestation, the loss of biodiversity, and the forefront of combating climate change. Greenwood's involvement goes beyond delineating a business blueprint that meets high standards; it is a declaration of responsibility for the future of our planet.

Through FSC certification, Greenwood demonstrates a profound understanding and practice of sustainable forestry, well as precise control over its environmental impact. Such actions directly contribute to the health of ecosystems, ensuring natural can recover and regenerate. Greenwood's approach embodies a responsible attitude towards current and future generations, laying down a promise to preserve nature for our descendants.

Moreover, Greenwood's FSC certification also signifies the company leadership in social responsibility. It safeguards communities reliant on forest livelihoods, ensuring their rights and welfare, and promoting social justice economic development. Greenwood's efforts towards FSC certification have positioned it as a steadfast proponent of environmental protection and social accountability.

In a market increasingly concerned with environmental and sustainable values, Greenwood's FSC certification sends out a potent signal: the enterprise has the capability and the determination to be a game-changer. Through its decisions and actions, Greenwood not only offers environmentally-friendly products but also inspires the entire industry and consumer groups to value and pursue a sustainable lifestyle.

In summary, Greenwood's emphasis on and active practice of FSC certification showcases its firm position and significant influence in environmental protection and sustainable development. This benefits forests and the environment at large, while also building a bridge of trust and responsibility between businesses and consumers.

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