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Decorative Toothpicks

Decorative Toothpicks

Goodwood are a professional Wooden Decoration Toothpicks and Cocktail Toothpicks manufacturer and supplier in China.
Here you can find high-quality Multicolor Wooden Cocktail Toothpicks, Wooden Decoration Fruit Toothpicks , Wooden Decoration Toothpick Flags, Wooden Decoration whiskey toothpicks in a competitive price.
Wooden Toothpick Size: 65MM*2MM,Wooden Cocktail Decoration Stick Length: 90MM,100MM,120MM,150MM,180MM.
The Wooden Toothpick and Wooden Cocktail Decorative Skewer can be customized with private label, or customized according to customer requirements.

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Greenwood is Manufacture And Design Of High-end Disposable Cutlery