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Focusing on biodegradable disposable wooden tableware for 20+ years

Greenwood was founded in 2000 and has been R&D and manufacturing biodegradable disposable wooden cutlery for 20 years.

We have 5 production plants located in China.We can complete full-chain production of products, with a full annual capacity of 5 billion pieces. The products cover 10 categories and 116 styles of bamboo&wooden disposable cutlery. Meanwhile, Greenwood's R&D center is constantly studying the market demand and developing more wooden disposable cutlery styles that are close to the market demand. After more than 20 years of accumulation and upgrading, Greenwood has mature and complete core technical experience, and has obtained multiple certifications such as BRC, BSCI, FSC, SGS, LFGB, etc., which can ensure product quality efficiently, stably and safely. Greenwood's products are exported to dozens of countries and regions at domestic and abroad, and it is the designated supplier of many fortune 500 companies, with a cumulative sales of trillions of cutlery.

What Does Greenwood Do

Greenwood has been dedicated to research and development as well as the production of natural and eco-friendly wooden and bamboo tableware for over two decades

Our products cover 10 categories and 116 styles, and have complete full-category production capabilities. From log slicing to packaging material printing, every step is meticulously done in-house, showcasing their commitment to quality control. With an impressive annual production capacity of over 5 billion pieces, Greenwood's expertise in manufacturing wooden tableware is unmatched.

What sets Greenwood apart is their unique approach to processing wooden tableware. They utilize a log slice molding process that does not involve the use of any chemical agents, ensuring the utmost safety and quality of their products. To further guarantee excellence, Greenwood has invested millions of dollars in building advanced quality management systems, continuously updating testing equipment, and strictly controlling product quality.

Over the years, Greenwood has proudly served numerous esteemed customers. Notably, the top four catering companies listed in Brand Finance's ""2021 Global Most Valuable Catering Brand List"" have chosen to directly purchase and utilize Greenwood's wooden cutlery. In fact, approximately 60% of catering companies, either directly or indirectly, have embraced Greenwood's wooden cutlery.

In order to cater to clientele preferences, Greenwood consistently strives to optimize its offerings. Their commitment to natural materials and environmentally friendly production aligns perfectly with the values cherished by Europeans. Whether it's for households or businesses, Greenwood's wooden and bamboo tableware provides a stylish and sustainable choice, enabling individuals to embrace a greener lifestyle without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Greenwood Development History

Witness our continuous development


Building new plant in Bengal


Increase production capacity to 5 billion pcs.


Building new plant in Slovakia,expand production capacity in Ukraine.


Newly built a 8,000-square-meter factory in China.


Greenwood Group has established two overseas plants in Russia and Ukraine.


Greenwood Group has established two overseas plants in Russia and Ukraine.


Greenwood Group has established two overseas plants in Russia and Ukraine.

Department Divisions

6 major systems ensure our overall success

Production Center

  • Production Area More than30000M2
  • Production Equipment More than300 units
  • Annual Production Quantity5 Billion pcs
  • Annual Production Value More than$60 million
  • Production Employees200+
  • Production Process Full-chain production of products
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Quality Control Center

  • Quality Inspector18
  • Quality Inspection Equipment33 units
  • Quality Control Procedure27
  • Quality Inspection Project More than100 rules
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R & D Center

Including upgrades to cutlery manufacturing and inspection equipment, as well as design of cutlery shapes.R & D Center have more than ten professional engineers and possess numerous core technological intellectual property rights, along with various patent certificates.

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Sales Service Center

Greenwood’s Sales Center delivers rapid response to customer inquiries and expert solutions to all product-related questions. We ensure a seamless purchase and post-sales experience for our wooden disposable cutlery, proactively addressing any concerns to facilitate swift and satisfactory resolutions. Our team supports clients through every step, securing efficient order completion with our eco-friendly, quality tableware.

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Warehouse Logistics

Greenwood is dedicated to innovation and efficiency enhancement. Recently, they have invested a substantial amount of capital to construct a modernized automated storage warehouse. This investment significantly demonstrates the company's commitment to the future and its resolute intention to elevate customer satisfaction and service quality.The new automated warehouse utilizes cutting-edge automation technology, achieving high efficiency and precision in the storage and retrieval of goods.

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Industry Certifications

Greenwood has passed stringent industry certifications, including BRC (British Retail Consortium standards), BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), LFGB (German Food and Feed Code), and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). These certifications cover a wide range of aspects from food safety, social responsibility, product health and safety to sustainable forestry management.

BRC certification

The BRC certification focuses on food standards, ensuring that Greenwood follows the highest hygiene and production specifications in the manufacturing process of products that come into contact with food. The BSCI certification reflects the company's commitment to fair trade and good labor conditions within its supply chain management, dedicated to upholding workers' rights.

LFGB certification

LFGB certification ensures our cutlery meets Germany and the EU's food safety standards. FSC certification affirms Greenwood's commitment to responsibly sourced timber, supporting environmental sustainability. This guarantees wood from well-managed forests, adhering to strict environmental, social, and economic standards.

Join sustainability with Greenwood

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