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Environmental protection wooden tableware production and development manufacturer

Greenwood was founded in 2000 and has been focusing on the design and production of biodegradable wooden tableware for 20 years.

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Greenwood was founded in 2000 and has been R&D and manufacturing biodegradable disposable wooden cutlery for 20 years. We have 5 production plants located in China.We can complete full-chain production of products, with a full annual capacity of 6 billion pieces. The products cover 10 categories and 116 styles of bamboo&wooden disposable cutlery. Meanwhile, Greenwood's R&D center is constantly studying the market demand and developing more wooden disposable cutlery styles that are close to the market demand. After more than 20 years of accumulation and upgrading, Greenwood has mature and complete core technical experience, and has obtained multiple certifications such as BRC, BSCI, FSC, SGS, LFGB, etc., which can ensure product quality efficiently, stably and safely. Greenwood's products are exported to dozens of countries and regions at domestic and abroad, and it is the designated supplier of many fortune 500 companies, with a cumulative sales of trillions of cutlery.

More than 20,000 square meters of plant area

6 billion productioncapacity

More than 300 employees

More than 30 technicaland quality inspectors

Full-chain production ofproducts

Greenwood's Introduction

Greenwood has been focusing on the R&D and production of natural and environmentally friendly wooden and bamboo tableware for 20 years. The products cover 10 categories, 116 styles, and have the full chain production capacity for all products. From log slicing to packaging material printing, all are completed in its own factory, with an annual production capacity of more than 6 billion pieces.

After 20 years of accumulation of production experience, Greenwood has a mature technology in the field of processing wooden tableware. It adopts the log slice molding process and does not add any chemical agents during the processing to ensure the quality and safety of the products. Greenwood has spent millions of dollars over the years to build advanced quality management systems, update testing equipment and strictly control product quality.

Greenwood has served many customers over the years. Among them, the top 4 catering companies in the "2021 Global Most Valuable Catering Brand List" released by Brand Finance, a brand evaluation agency, directly purchase and use Greenwood’s wooden cutlery. 60% of catering companies or Directly or indirectly, Greenwood's wooden cutlery is used.

Greenwood's Environmental Responsibility

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in human society, the use of environmentally friendly tableware has become a global mainstream trend, bid farewell to traditional non-degradable disposable tableware, and reduce their carbon emissions during processing and production, so that the earth’s environment and resources can be obtained. For sustainable development, Greenwood strives to go far and forge ahead:

Raw Materials

High standards and strict requirements. Greenwood's tableware is made of birch with a diameter of more than 18cm. Because birch is a fast-growing tree, the period of growth to the harvesting standard is short, which is different from some disposable degradable tableware that uses non-recyclable resources as raw materials.

Create Zero Pollution

The whole manufacturing process has zero pollution and zero emissions. Greenwood's tableware has no pollution emissions during the whole processing process, which is different from the disposable degradable tableware that requires large-scale industrialization and chemical processing.

Naturally Degradable

Natural materials are degradable without additives. Greenwood's tableware is 100% derived from natural ingredients without additives, which can be degraded in a natural environment. This is different from disposable tableware that needs to be degraded in a specific environment.

Product Is Degradable

Product degradation and zero residue, Greenwood tableware can be completely degraded, no residue after degradation, all return to nature, which is different from some disposable tableware that is partially degradable and partially residual, while residual non-degradable substances such as plastic and heavy metal particles And so on will cause harm to the environment.

Greenwood's Health And Safety

With the development of society, people have higher requirements for the natural environment. The improvement of the quality of life has made the use of environmentally friendly tableware a global trend. At the United Nations Environment Assembly, the pollution of microplastics was listed as the second largest scientific issue in the field of environmental and ecological science research, raising the issue of microplastics to a global level.

How to make consumers use environmentally friendly and harmless tableware products under the premise of ensuring convenience is Greenwood's pursuit. Persist in continuous innovation, adhere to green environmental protection, and contribute to the world in the field of environmentally friendly tableware is Greenwood's mission.

Increase production capacity to 5 billion pcs.
Building new plant in Slovakia,expand production capacity in Ukraine.
Newly built a 8,000-square-meter factory in China.
Greenwood Group has established two overseas plants in Russia and Ukraine.
Greenwood Group was reorganized,and new plant area expansion completed.
Expansion plant area.
Accumulated export tableware products 30 billion pcs.
Passed BRC, BSCI audit, obtained FSC certification and pased SGS audit.
Hot products cover 30 countries, including 2 global super brands.
Modern workshop build.
Greenwood Set up.

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