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Customizable Item

As a professional disposable wooden cutlery manufacturer, we have been specialized in the disposable wooden cutlery customization service over 20 years. With the experience of technology origin and a strong research team, packaging, size, modeling, craftsmanship or creating new products can be completely customized according to your requirements.

Disposable Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon

Disposable Wooden Fork

Wooden Fork

Disposable Wooden Knife

Wooden Knife

Disposable Wooden Spork

Wooden Spork

Disposable Wooden Coffee Stirrer

Coffee Stirrer

Disposable Wooden Fruit Fork

Wooden Fruit Fork

Conventional Wooden Cutlery

Conventional Wooden Cutlery

Wooden Cutlery with Hot Stamping

Wooden Cutlery with Hot Stamping

Wooden Cutlery with Waxing

Wooden Cutlery with Waxing

Wooden Cutlery with Color Printing

Wooden Cutlery with Color Printing

Customized Design
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Bag Package

Box with Hanger

Dispenser Box

How To Customize Your Logo / Brand?
Please be aware of Greenwood's OEM and ODM processing procedures in order to achieve your design, and we will do our best to serve you.
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Additional Services
Greenwood will provide you with the following additional services. When you need a better solution, Greenwood will help you.

Integrated Procurement Plan

Product Packaging Design

Provide Product Photos And Video

Brand Planning

Logo Design

Product Marketing Solution

Service Case
Greenwood's R&D center continuously combines customer needs and market trends to introduce new cutlery shapes, and has helped more than 20 partners complete personalized designs, and solved their needs for personalized product shapes.
Business Model
Greenwood has transaction types suitable for various business models. Customers can enjoy bulk customization services, or become our distributors, or you can purchase Greenwood's standardized products in small quantities.




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Welcome to download Greenwood's company introduction and product introduction, this information will help you understand Greenwood better.

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      Greenwood Vacation AnnouncementSeptember 25,2023
      Greenwood will be closed on September 29, 2023 to commemorate the Mid- Autumn Festival And National Day, and will resume normal operation on October 7, 2023.Please contact INFO@WOODENCUTLERYCN If you have any requirements. GREENWOOD (DALIAN) INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD
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