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Environmentally friendly cutlery solutions

Environmentally friendly cutlery solutions

March 4,2020
Canada will soon ban plastic disposable tableware,Before this, Canadian fast food restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and so on need the replacement of environmental protection disposable tableware.

The tableware in Greenwood is truly eco-friendly.REALLY COMPOSTABLE.

PLASTIC utensils labeled as compostable are only compostable in certain industrial facilities. They cannot be placed in all compost bins in all municipalities, and they should not be placed in a household compost bin. Be aware that although they will disintegrate, they will also leave plastic micro-particles in the food chain.

Greenwood tableware can be disposed of directly in your municipality’s brown bin. They will break down within 3 to 6 months.
Environmentally friendly cutlery solutions,Eco friendly tableware

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