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Wooden cutlery is a better alternative to plastic cutlery

Wooden cutlery is a better alternative to plastic cutlery

Issue Time:2021/02/01

There is more to going ‘Green’ than opting for green lunches. It’s more than just munching on a healthy salad. You might also want to consider the cutlery you use.

Are you using real eco-friendly cutlery or the usual plastic ones that go straight to the bin after just one use?

Eating healthy is good for everyone. Or is it, really? The thing is, while going for the ‘Green’ diet is good for your body, it may not necessarily mean it’s also good for the environment.

On July 3, 2021, Europe announced a total ban on plastic tableware. We used to be obsessed with the use of disposable plastic tableware, but the release of the ban means that we have to start a new way of life - a more environmentally friendly life!

This eco-friendly cutlery is usually categorized as ‘biodegradable’ – those you can dispose of without doing harm to the environment,we are going to explore 4 materials used for producing disposable and compostable tableware and its pros and cons. At the end, we will tell what is the best choice…

(1) PLA plastic

Also called  polylactic acid, it’s a type of eco-friendly plastic made from various renewable sources, depending on the country of production, such as corn starch, starch, sugarcane and chips. This plastic, also known as, corn plastic since its derivation, can be composted in apposite facilities and doesn’t release any harmful fumes in the process. But the disadvantages are that it doesn’t compost in the nature, in fact, it must be sent to a specific plant to deal with it. It can also badly contaminate the other recyclable items if mixed up by mistake.Also,it with high cost compare with other material.

(2) Paper

Paper sounds like a good choice when it comes to disposable, as it is made of natural materials mostly. But it is preferable to look for items made of recycled paper to be eco-friendly for real. In fact, recycled paper contains less chemicals, doesn’t contribute to deforestation and use 40% less energy in the production process.

Paper cannot be used for any type of disposable tableware, such as cutlery, but it can be a viable option for other types of item.Another disadvantage of paper is that even recycled products may be bleached with chlorine or similar, this process disperses harmful fumes in the environment.

(3) Bamboo

Bamboo disposable tableware is eco-friendly because of its main material, bamboo grows very fast, so it is actually not too bad to utilise such materials for our convenience. These items are also biogradable and compostable.

Even if this has an innocent look, to get the finished product harsh chemicals and dyes are used,maybe it will harmful to our health.

(4) Wood

Wood disposable cutlery is also eco-friendly,one of the advantages of it relate to its raw material, which is green and compostable.It’s diffierence from PLA material,it can be degraded in nature and don’t need to sent to a specific plant to deal with it.

 A variety of wood can be used for reaching the final product, and unlike bamboo, no harsh chemicals need to be used. Wood is also pleasant to see and recalls an idea of environmentally friendly. It is also good to be used with hot food.

Some people may think that wood used for disposable may seem a waste because of the deforestation and certain types of wood may release some oils.But in fact,the wood cutlery from Greenwood company will not have this problem,the material we choose is nature birch wood.Compared with other tree species, birch has the best toughness and is the most suitable choice,it not easy break when make reinforce design,and the growth cycle of birch is short,so it won't damage our environment.The certificates of FSC,BRC,BSCI,SGS available in Greenwood,you don't have to worry that the wood comes from deforestation and also the quality of product.The wood we use is imported from Ukraine,where the birch wood with best quality.In addition,disposable wooden tableware with lower cost.

Let’s conclude by saying that it is obvious that sometimes, we do need to use disposable tableware,then maybe you can have a try of the wooden cutlery!

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