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Take You Into Greenwood's Workshop(2)

Take You Into Greenwood's Workshop(2)

Nov 15,2021
Take You Into Greenwood' Workshop(2)

Following the steps of the previous, let's take a look at our molding workshop today.

It's not so easy to enter our workshop ~ shoe covers, hats and overalls are indispensable. After dressing neatly, carry out the standard hand washing + disinfection process, and then enter the air shower room to blow off all the floating dust, which really ensures that we are "spotless" in the workshop.

In the last time introduction said that Our disposable wooden tableware is cut out of the basic shape, and then it was taken to our drying room for all-round drying. Conveyor belt extending in all directions conveys our products evenly all the time.

When we come to our foam room, all these products are moisture recovering products ~ moisture recovering will make our material more thoroughly soaked, and then evaporate a little, so that the humidity and flexibility of the material can meet our standards.

In the process of forming, the length and width of the blade and teeth can also be customized.

Next came to my favorite Molding equipment, The manipulator is really cool! Working methodically with the pressing equipment, the curvature of the spoon is completed here. By the way, Our non-deformation wooden spoon from Greenwood is definitely the No. 1 in the industry. You don’t have to worry about the spoon becoming flat when you drink hot water.

If you still want to know our waxing, reinforce, hot printing, and packaging processes, pay attention to us, and next period all satisfy you!!

Following the steps of the previous, let's take a look at our Packing workshop today.

First of all. answer the previous puzzle, what exactly do these two devices do?

This device with red "eyes" is our visual inspection system. Through these red "small eyes", product burrs, splits and other problems can be accurately detected, And accurately record the number of screening, screening and counting in one step.

The following equipment is an "candystar" that can help our workers align the coffee sticks in the same direction, but it greatly improves our output efficiency.

Did you get it right?

Anyway, When you come to our packaging workshop, you will see that our workers are earnestly doing further quality screening. The dozens of product quality standards also reflect our determination to produce high-quality products.

When it comes to our waxing process, the material will become smoother after 4-6 hours of hot wax processing in the waxing tank.

In the packaging step, you can put forward any individual requirements for products and packaging, and our professional design and packaging department can come to open customized services for your needs.

Like Hot printing, color printing, packaging LOGO customization, etc., our printing workshop can meet you all.

The factory exploration video is coming to an end. The last issue will show you our good office environment and excellent spot reserves.

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