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Can wood disposable wooden cutlery be composted?

Can wood disposable wooden cutlery be composted?

May 4,2023

Wooden cutlery is compostable and environmentally friendly. Unlike plastic disposable tableware, which is made from non-renewable resources like petroleum and generates excessive carbon emissions during production, wooden cutlery is crafted from sustainably sourced birch wood using a manufacturing process with minimal carbon emissions. For those seeking to reduce their environmental impact, this option is an excellent choice due to its eco-friendly nature. Composting is indispensable in sustainable agriculture and gardening as it increases the nutrients in soil to promote plant growth. Disposable wood tableware can be an ideal ingredient for composting. Simply place used cutlery into a compost bin or pile where microorganisms will gradually break it down, turning it into organic fertilizer. However, not all wooden cutlery is created equal and some types may have coatings or chemicals that prevent them from breaking down. 

is wooden cutlery compostable

At our facility for the production of wooden cutlery, we exclusively utilize wood that is sustainably sourced and certified by the FSC, as well as natural materials. This guarantees that our products are fully compostable and environmentally safe. Our wood disposable tableware is not only compostable but also biodegradable. Therefore, even if the cutlery is not used in a composting system, it will still naturally degrade.Choosing wooden cutlery is a great way to support sustainable practices and reduce waste while protecting natural resources.

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