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wooden cutlery Greenwood
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wooden cutlery Greenwood
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Decorative Toothpicks Wholesale

Decorative Toothpicks Wholesale

Goodwood are a professional Wooden Decoration Toothpicks and Cocktail Toothpicks manufacturer and supplier in China.
Here you can find high-quality Multicolor Wooden Cocktail Toothpicks, Wooden Decoration Fruit Toothpicks , Wooden Decoration Toothpick Flags, Wooden Decoration whiskey toothpicks in a competitive price.
Wooden Toothpick Size: 65MM*2MM,Wooden Cocktail Decoration Stick Length: 90MM,100MM,120MM,150MM,180MM.
The Wooden Toothpick and Wooden Cocktail Decorative Skewer can be customized with private label, or customized according to customer requirements.

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Greenwood is Eco-friendly Disposable Cutlery Manufacturer and Designer

  • Are wooden forks better for environment plastic?
    Are wooden forks better for environment plastic?May 26,2023
    In today's era, environmental protection has become one of our most important responsibilities and tasks. We need to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible in order to protect our planet and future generations. We are constantly working hard, and replacing the use of disposable wooden tableware is a convenient change.In contrast, using plastic cutlery has a huge impact on our environment. So, is wooden cutlery really more environmentally friendly than plastic cutlery?
  • Greenwood Exhibition News Flash
    Greenwood Exhibition News FlashMay 23,2023
    From May 20th to 23rd, Greenwood at NRA exhibition booth 1682 in the United States. Today is the last day of the exhibition, Greenwood sincerely invites you to our booth, let’s discuss the new development of Eco-friendly cutlery together.