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Restricting the use of plastics is a global trend

Restricting the use of plastics is a global trend

Issue Time:2021/05/28
Europe has called for a ban on all disposable plastic cutlery, including cups, plates, knives, forks and spoons.The Independent reported. In the future, these products will have to be made from compostable or bioderived materials. The ban stipulates that the use of other non-substitute plastics used in EU countries should be reduced by 2025.

In France alone, only a paltry 1% of the 4.73 billion plastic cups thrown away each year are recycled. This plastic waste can end up in the ocean and harm the aquatic environment. And people are increasingly concerned that the plastic cutlery they are using could be harmful to their health by releasing toxins that come into contact with hot drinks or food. 

Several cities and regions in the United States, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago, have enacted laws banning or restricting the use of plastic bags. The impact has been significant, with bag use falling by 76 per cent in Wales, 71 per cent in Northern Ireland and 80 per cent in Scotland a year after the charge was introduced.

A growing number of countries and cities around the world are also imposing bans or restrictions on the use of plastic products, including straws, coffee capsules and disposable cutlery.In the future, banning the use of disposable plastic products will gradually become a trend.

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