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Why is the wooden cutlery spread around the world?

Why is the wooden cutlery spread around the world?

Jul 2,2021

Since 2020, major catering chains have tacitly replaced wooden tableware, so why is the wooden cutlery popular?


1. The general trend


According to the "Implementation Plan on Further Strengthening the Treatment of Plastic Pollution" issued by each city: By the end of 2020, the use of non-degradable disposable plastic straws in the catering industry in each city is prohibited, and the use of non-degradable disposable plastic tableware in catering services is prohibited. Therefore, our favorite catering brands can no longer provide plastic spoons. It can be said that replacement is the general trend.


2,why choose wooden tableware


Perhaps most of us think that PLA and CPLA products are the best choice for replacement. After all, it is essentially similar to plastic and is degradable. However, the biodegradability of PLA, CPLA and other polymers is not unconditional. It is not completely free of environmental hazards. PLA biodegradation needs to meet the two most basic conditions: 50%-60% humidity and 50-70 degrees Celsius temperature. Under these conditions, it is possible for microorganisms to gradually decompose PLA over a period of months or even longer. Look at this problem from another angle, that is, PLA cannot be degraded under an environment that does not meet the temperature and humidity conditions. This is still for products with 100% PLA raw materials,If it is to improve its temperature resistance and other characteristics, it is often more difficult to degrade.

In other words, it needs to be recycled separately, then sorted, and then subjected to commercial composting for several months before PLA will degrade. This undoubtedly requires huge energy costs. As for the degradation in nature, it is nothing more than the fact that the manufacturer's failure to specify it has caused the public to misunderstand it.


And why do major brands choose wooden tableware? You know, big brands are prepared a lot when choosing a new product. Whether the material we know or dont understand , as long as it is biodegradable tableware, they will experiment, and go through rigorous testing and repeated experiments. Finally, they chose wooden tableware, which can be degraded under natural conditions, and we can throw it away without burden after we use it.

After selecting the product, they will be more strict with the selection of suppliers. Not only must the qualifications be complete, the factory must be strong, and the product quality control must be stricter, so that the products provided to consumers can be the safest and most reliable. Greenwood with the most complete qualifications for wooden tableware have established connections with many large catering chains and supermarkets.


3. When the disposable tableware is made of wood, is our tree still enough?


After we understand the various advantages of wooden tableware, we may still have this thinking: no matter how fast the tree grows, the consumption is huge now, right? Is it environmentally friendly to cut down so many trees?

Take the disposable wooden chopsticks we often use as an example. The wood we consume due to disposable chopsticks is less than a fraction of the stock of standing wood. At present, the use of disposable wooden chopsticks in my country is about 45 billion pairs, and the wood consumed is 1.66 million cubic meters. Generally speaking, a fast-growing poplar tree that has grown for 5 years can provide 0.3 cubic meters of wood. And one acre of woodland can usually plant 30 fast-growing poplars. So on average, 1 mu of woodland can provide about 1.8 cubic meters of wood a year. In this way, to provide 1.66 million cubic meters of wood, about 922,200 acres of land is needed. Even if we account for losses or reductions in production due to poor management and other factors, doubling the planting area will require 1.84 million mu of forest land. At present, the total area of poplar trees in our country has reached more than 10.1 million hectares, which is 151.5 million acres. The 1.84 million mu is just a fraction of the fraction. According to a report by People's Daily Online, in a county in Jiangsu alone, there are more than 600,000 acres of forest in the whole county, with a stock of 6 million cubic meters of standing timber. 1.66 million cubic meters may seem like a scary figure, but in fact it is just a tip of the plantation. The wooden tableware of Gorion is made of pure natural birch, which belongs to fast-growing wood like poplar, and it is a FSC forest certified tree selected from a regular forest farm. It is definitely not felled, and the planting is far more than the consumption. Soon, the trees will absorb carbon dioxide and fix the carbon in the wood. Then we make disposable tableware and plant the next crop of trees. As long as the process is properly deployed, it will not only harm the environment, but may even be environmental Make a contribution, so you no longer have to feel guilty about cutting down trees, let us use the gifts from nature---the most natural disposable tableware--wooden tableware, embrace nature and protect nature!

Why is the wooden cutlery spread around the world?Disposable wooden tableware,Disposable bamboo tableware,Disposable wooden knife,Disposable wooden fork,Disposable wooden spoon,Disposable wooden stick,Disposable wooden cutlery
Why is the wooden cutlery spread around the world?Disposable wooden tableware,Disposable bamboo tableware,Disposable wooden knife,Disposable wooden fork,Disposable wooden spoon,Disposable wooden stick,Disposable wooden cutlery

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